What Is Assurant T-Mobile?


If you’ve been wondering what Assurant has to offer the T-Mobile community, this article is for you. Learn more about the longstanding relationship between Assurant and T-Mobile, the different Plans offered, and how to make a claim. You’ll also learn how you can get reimbursed for covered expenses. Assurant’s long-standing relationship with T-Mobile means that you can get the most out of your coverage, while staying in touch with your friends and family.
Assurant’s longstanding relationship with T-Mobile

Assurant has a long-standing relationship with T-Mobile US. The company’s CEO, Braxton Carter, is a former CFO of TMUS and has joined Assurant’s Board of Directors. The new role began the day after TMUS’s merger with Sprint. While the deal may seem like a natural next step for the company, many of the ecosystem partners remain in a rear-guard mode in the aftermath of T-Mobile’s takeover.

In addition to the newly launched in-store device repairs, T-Mobile will also upgrade its stores nationwide. To support this move, the company has hired industry-certified experts from Assurant. These experts will offer in-store repairs to customers for the first time, which will be available in most major metropolitan areas. To help customers schedule an appointment, T-Mobile will also install an online tool for booking an appointment.

During the virtual Investor Day, Assurant executives will talk about the company’s long-term vision and future plans. The company expects to achieve $8-10 percent growth in adjusted EBITDA during the next three years, and will generate $3 billion in segment cash. Assurant will also include adjusted earnings per diluted share as a key performance metric. For the past five years, Assurant has raised its common stock dividend each year and repurchased 66 percent of its shares.

In addition to AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint have long-term partnerships with Assurant Solutions. Assurant is the largest administrator of mobile phone insurance plans in the United States. The smaller companies, such as T-Mobile and Sprint, also offer protection programs. Assurant is the only company to take away share from Asurion. But the change was not without benefits for consumers.
Plans offered

Assurant t mobile plans are available through various mobile carriers. You can choose from one of their plans that covers all aspects of your mobile phone’s use, from coverage for hardware to accidental damage and loss. In most cases, your phone is covered in full, but you will pay a deductible or service fee for specific repairs. You can also upgrade to a higher plan for more advanced coverage, which includes AppleCare services such as Pocket Geek and Tech PHD. Each plan offers different benefits, but they all come with the same basic features.
Claims process

If you have lost or broken your cell phone, you should know that there are companies that offer a fast and easy mobile device repair and replacement service. Assurant’s technology combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle the entire process, including the replacement of parts and home visits for consumers who can’t leave their homes. The company’s 360 by Assurant policy is available on iPhone, Android and business/productivity phones. It also covers water damage and lost or stolen phones.
Reimbursement options

If you’re considering an Assurant T-Mobile mobile insurance plan, you’ll need to know what you need to submit. First, gather all of your payoff information. This can include screenshots of your final bill or device financing details page. Then, upload these documents to the Assurant T-Mobile website. This is important information because Assurant doesn’t reimburse a customer if they don’t follow its terms.